Made for women, by women

We support the woman that you are

We want to empower the woman that you are and the body that you have. We want to show the beauty of the woman that is already in you.

We offer solutions to help enhance women’s health and wellbeing

Our goal is to provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ for feminine health, pleasure and lifestyle products. To offer what is lacking in women’s health and wellness.

We aim to create a safe, comfortable and inclusive online community

Elderi is a place of acceptance and inclusion, a place to express and explore the body, creativity and pleasure. We want you to feel comfortable and heard within our community of like minded women.

ELDERI is for you

A letter from our founder

I wanted to create a space where we support all women of all stages through tailored supplementation, hormones and wellness programs to ensure females are looked after with dignity and respect – with science backed treatments but most of all not just given the standard “one pill” fixes all.

I wanted to treat and support the underlying concern/problem which is causing the symptoms, not just treating the symptoms alone.

We have a full medical team combined with doctors, pharmacists, naturopaths, scientists and compounders, alongside with product specialists, wellness experts, and a dedicated admin/ support team.

That being said, we are not new to the medical industry. Elderi is the female arm to our Group of Wellness brands that have been leading the industry for the past 14 years.

Our wellness solutions are not shelf products or products any other companies have or prescribe. Our products and programs are unique to our brands only.

When I needed this type of medical intervention, it wasn’t here. I could not for the life of me find a place that could help and support me – As a woman, but also as a mother and the changes my body was going through.

So I created it myself. For you.